CEAT SportDrive
Superior performance at High speeds
Your sports car has been designed to give you the thrill of fast driving. Make the most of it with SportDrive. It gives your car a controlled and stable ride, without letting you compromise on your passion for speed. Let your enthusiasm meet the reliability of SportDrive!
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Ride Handling

Features and Benefits

1 Robust shoulder area construction ensures stable ride and precise handling
2 Advanced and modern compounding provides for excellent durability and low energy loss even at very high speeds
3 Safer DriveWide longitudinal grooves ensure effective water displacement for good aquaplaning resistance
4 Asymmetric tread pattern with solid outerside geometry offers excellent cornering capabilities

Features and Benefits

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13 Sizes Available

Measurement Tube/Tubeless LI SI XL
205/45R17 Tubeless 88 Y XL C A 71dB
205/50R17 Tubeless 93 Y XL C A 71dB
215/45R17 Tubeless 91 Y XL E A 71dB
215/50R17 Tubeless 95 Y XL C A 71dB
225/45R17 Tubeless 94 Y XL E A 71dB
225/50R17 Tubeless 98 Y XL C A 71dB
235/45R17 Tubeless 97 Y XL E A 71dB
225/40R18 Tubeless 92 Y XL E A 72dB
225/55R18 Tubeless 10 W XL C A 72dB
235/45R18 Tubeless 98 Y XL E A 72dB
235/55R18 Tubeless 10 W XL E A 72dB
245/40R18 Tubeless 97 Y XL E A 72dB
245/45R18 Tubeless 10 Y XL C A 72dB

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